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Hunger Free Weight LossAre you ready to get started on the Paleo diet and are asking yourself if you can actually lose weight? Let's take a closer look at Paleo weight loss then! The Paleo diet is one of the fastest growing lifestyle changes people from all over the world are making. I'm sure you have seen it getting talked about everywhere from every day people to infomercials to celebrities! The changes to people lives that the Paleo lifestyle can make is amazing and for that very reason, the Paleo diet eating plan is one of the hottest lifestyle changes doing the rounds! And it comes as no surprise looking at the normal diet of folks today!

Paleo dieters report they have more energy, increased mental clarity and what's now known as Paleo weight loss! What's also fantastic about living the Paleo way of life is that there really isn't as many changes one must make as people think! It's not crazy, hard to eat or make food and killing yourself in the gym! So if you are sick of busting your hump with the merry go round of harsh limiting diets, why not try the Paleo diet? Most diets fail because there are way too many changes and a lot of physical activity demands. Sadly, 90% of people on a new diet or exercise regime quit within three short months. That is because the changes are not sustainable. With the change to Paleo, you can make a few significant changes and can enjoy Paleo weight loss.

How is the Paleo Diet any different?

Well, first up is that it is easy to stick with and as paleolithic nutrition addresses different areas to most diets, the weight loss you will see is also different... and quick to see!

Protein, the key to Paleo weight loss...

Your body doesn't simply want protein... it NEEDS it and the Paleo is perfect for intensifying protein in your body. Protein is not only an essential for weight loss but also helps with the food and snack factor as you will feel fuller for much longer!

This is very important because once you are feeling fuller and more satiated, you just won't be tempted as much to grab the closest and quickest snack. And all of us know where that normally leads... fast food, chips, chocolate or something else unhealthy!

Paleo weight loss and protein also works together due to the fact that the protein helps your body to burn stored fat cells. Your body is built to work out how to break down all the food it consumes. This is especially so with junk food and processed food. By eating a lot of natural protein, the body will actually start to work on breaking down stored fat cells instead!

Paleo Weight Loss and Exercise

Now let's be real. I would love to tell you that you can lose weight by just nutrition alone. And honestly, some people actually can! That being said, for most of us and also to get the full benefits of all the protein and good stuff the Paleo diet gives you, you will need to get some regular exercise. The good thing is that it's nothing crazy or demanding and as you will already be starting to feel better, you will actually enjoy and look forward to exercise a lot more!

Weight training on the Paleo is amazing and will give you awesome results with all that extra protein and reduced intake of rubbish, unnatural food. However just simple exercise like regular walking and jogging, team or individual sports, or even yoga or Pilates will supercharge your Paleo weight loss!

After all, your body is already burning fat with the changes you have made with your protein intake. Why not add a little exercise to really pack some punch!?

Similar to anything good in life, the Paleo diet will take some commitment to secure the results you want. The benefits you will receive however will greatly outweigh any question marks you may have over your ability to execute this.

Here's to you and your increased health, vitality and of course, Paleo weight loss!

3. Get an Exercise Program or Schedule.
Following a pre-set exercise program or schedule is important to give you direction and get the most out of exercising, and importantly, will stop you overtraining and burning out. Most weight training programs recommend that you focus on a body part every second day to allow for recovery of the muscle group. Having direction will ensure you keep coming back.

4. Reward Yourself when you Achieve Targets.
Rewarding yourself by buying something you need/want when you hit a certain weight loss target, or beat your personal best time for a given distance, will continue to inspire you to achieve, and will keep you focused on your goals.

5. Choose exercises you Enjoy.
On of the most important exercise tips I can give you is to choose exercises that you enjoy. If you get bored on a treadmill, get outdoors and see the sights as you jog. The same applies for exercise bikes, and getting out on the road. If you enjoy other peoples company, join an aerobics class. You could even do karate to get exercise while learning another skill. Do what you love and you will continue to do it.



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